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yo if u dont like musical theatre thats cool but if u actually insult musical theatre in my presence dude i wont even argue with you i’ll just kill and eat you

these are probably the best pies in london

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mix media commissions | so basically i really need some extra cash because i need to fix up my computer which is what i use to work and my digital art & commissions + school starts soon + i’m traveling and basically!! big jam, so i’m opening up some quick traditional slots 

  • there’s no set price, you can pay anything from $10USD to $30USD - the higher the price the more material i use (pencils, acrylic, watercolor, etc). though no matter what you pay i’ll make sure it has some color and i’ll work just as hard on it
  • you can ask up to two characters
  • you can have it shipped to you! seriously, just tell me if you want it sent over and i will no extra charge, no use having all those papers around
  • i’ll pretty much do anything?? if you’re interested send me a submit (or send me an email at wondersmith [at] pinkzorro [dot] com) and if not i’d really appreciate the signal boost!

ALSO you can check out my shop here and i also do custom figurine commissions just like the one’s in the shop so that’s a thing

(also type in FOX for free shipping on figurines to the US!)

thank you! ♡ ♡ ♡ 

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as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 

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The Violent Xenophobic Racism in Ireland

At 9pm last Tuesday, 44-year-old Chinese doctor, Wu Youzhong, went to investigate the sound of breaking glass outside his home in Coleraine, County Londonderry, in Ireland. When he arrived at his front door, he saw that the window had been smashed. An intruder then attacked him so violently that he had to be admitted to hospital for several days, and required consultation from an eye specialist. Dr Wu’s wife, Luo Ruoyin, said, “I heard he was just screaming in pain and I was scared. He was just holding his head and covering his eyes and blood was just running down everywhere.” The police are treating the attack as racially motivated; the couple, who have a two-year-old daughter, are reported to be intending to move away from the area.

The Chinese community in Ireland has long been a target of racial discrimination. Anna Lo, an Alliance Party politician born in Hong Kong who was elected to the Ireland Assembly in 2007, was the first politician from an ethnic minority at national level in Ireland, as well as the first East Asian to be elected anywhere in Britain. Her campaign was dogged by violent racism – including death threats – to the extent that she had to carry a panic alarm as a precaution. One far-Right website published pornographic images of Chinese women, alongside derogatory references to Anna Lo. “People from ethnic minorities are very frightened,” she said. “I have never seen ethnic minorities so fearful in Ireland.”

Read More: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jakewallissimons/100181659/sectarian-hatred-is-being-overtaken-by-xenophobic-racism-in-northern-ireland/

the crumbling myth of white supremacy. white supremacy is violent. white supremacy is destructive. white supremacy is pervasive. white supremacy kills.

never read the fucking comments

For all the Irish folks always crying about how Irish people were  ~*~*~ALSO OPPRESSED~*~*~

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In which Draco and Harry dress a little too quickly after a meeting

I don’t even ship it and this is awesome

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I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????



I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

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The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter whether or not you think homosexuality is a sin. Let me say that again. It does not matter if you think homosexuality is a sin, or if you think it is simply another expression of human love. It doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter? Because people are dying. Kids are literally killing themselves because they are so tired of being rejected and dehumanized that they feel their only option left is to end their life. As a Youth Pastor, this makes me physically ill. And as a human, it should make you feel the same way. So, I’m through with the debate. When faced with the choice between being theologically correct…as if this is even possible…and being morally responsible, I’ll go with morally responsible every time.

What You Believe About Homosexuality Doesn’t Matter | Tyler Smither (via lacohan)

I wish I had heard this just ONCE growing up in the church. Just once.

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Anonymous asked:

What does Nash Grier had done?



What hasn’t he done?

(he only apologized for that Vine when he got serious backlash, and he deleted it right away, just like he did with his video ‘What Guys Look For In Girls’, but he constantly uses slurs)

Where did he move on to? To a trashcan???

(FYI he never apologized for this video, he just removed it because he was being criticized)

You can watch the video here.

Decide for yourself if you like Nash or not after watching it, I don’t care. It’s like girls are not pressured enough to be perfect in today’s society to be as perfect as possible for ‘their man’ as they can be. What’s worse, his followers doubled, then tripled, than quadrupled after this video, even though he deleted it, and so many teen girls went to his defense. He criticized probably most of them and he still has them as his fans. He set up unrealistic standards for them and they don’t love themselves enough to realize what piece of shit he is. It’s tragic. He has a huge influence on his mass following, who are mostly teenage girls, and instead of teaching them to love themselves, he taught them they are not good enough for him. He sent them 60 years in the past, when women were the perfect trophy that lived by certain standards.

Also, he treats his followers badly.

I wish he wasn’t relevant right now and he didn’t have millions of followers that look up to him, but he is and he does. I wish we could just pretend he doesn’t exist, but if we do that, we’re not helping to stop him in any way. He does not deserve to be talked about, but he is, and we have to make sure people at least know that he’s talked about in a negative way and for a reason.

It’s beyond my understanding why this little lemur still has any followers.

He’s the biggest piece of shit EVER.

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Hey Monster

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Disney’s The Jungle Book cast so far: Neel Sethi as Mowgli, Ben Kingsley as the voice of Bagheera, Lupita Nyong’o as the voice of Rakcha, Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Kaa and Idris Elba as the voice of Shere Khan (x x x x)


And not only is the cast amazing, but the film is going to be a mixture of live-action and animation (a-la Mary Poppins). Neel Seth (Mowgli),is going to be the only live-action actor and everyone else’s characters will be animated AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.

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Thranduil continues his reign of terror on the common folk


that’s not moose
it’s a caribou


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Anonymous asked:

send me dick pics
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Elvira by Gris Grimly


Elvira by Gris Grimly

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